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Securing your network should be treated with the utmost priority. Many businesses are now faced with the challenge of information exchange for its employees, suppliers and customers. The Internet, World Wide Web, along with private networks has allowed this information to exchange more quickly than ever, but information exchange has not come without risk. With more reports of attacks against networks, companies are faced with the responsibility of protecting their data. At e-logic, we have the expertise and experience to meet our customers’ security needs, and to provide networks of all sizes a more secure environment, through the use of hardware, software and operating system configuration.


Wireless Local Area Networks, or WLANs, erase the need to lay and install cable into offices, replacing traditional cables with radio wave signals. There are numerous advantages to going wireless, from increased mobility and greater room for expansion, to removing the need for untidy cable installations. The relationships e-logic hold with various network specialists such as Cisco allow us to fully install and configure the correct wireless solution to match your specific requirements.


An office with several stand-alone computers is equivalent to an office staffed with employees who do not talk to each other. Linking these computers together forming a LAN, or Local Area Network, is essential for effective communication, and ensuring smooth work-flow. To this end, e-logic consultants have the knowledge and experience to recommend a LAN solution that will complement your business needs, and we are perfectly placed to follow up this recommendation with full installation and configuration.


Wide Area Networks, or WANs, extend local area networks across physical distance – there is no need for IT infrastructure to be confined by geographical restrictions. If your business has remote branches, offices or mobile staff, who need to access and share information held on your local area network, then you need some kind of WAN solution.
There are various solutions, the one you select depends on how many remote users you will have, how often they will access your local area network, which software applications they will want to use and how complex your remote access requirement is.
e-logic will recommend a solution dependent on your remote access needs, whether for remote offices where usage is more intense and is a permanent requirement, or for mobile staff who need occasional and limited access, or mobile staff requiring applications access and low to medium use.


As the need for mobile communications within business becomes more widespread, e-logic can recommend ways to further enhance mobile connectivity. Utilising technologies such as GPRS and Bluetooth, we ensure that out of the office does not mean out of touch. Mobile networking is no longer tomorrow’s technology, and for field-based personnel such as engineers and sales executives, it can improve efficiency dramatically.