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At e-logic, our focus is to provide our customers with an IT infrastructure that is robust, reliable, performs highly, and is cost-effective. Due to our positioning within the IT reseller market, we have the ability to supply and install high grade desktop machines from manufacturers such as Compaq and IBM, at a specification to suit the needs of your business. The machines we supply offer the optimal mix of price, performance and technology, and the use of industry standard branding ensures an efficient transition in a managed environment.


Whatever the size of your network, e-logic can recommend the ideal server solution to match your needs. As with the client machines we supply, we only use branded server hardware such as Compaq, which ensures a completely seamless integration within the network. The servers we supply and install are engineered for maximum reliability, as well as providing multiple configuration options, so that whatever your business systems require from your servers, your needs are fulfilled and exceeded.


It is very rare for all of a company’s personnel to be constantly situated in an office; and for field-based staff such as engineers and sales, portable IT solutions are vital for maximum efficiency and improved communications. As with our desktop based systems, e-logic supply high performance branded laptops such as IBM, Compaq and Toshiba, along with docking options and accessories which guarantee seamless incorporation into the office infrastructure when required. We will also remain attentive to the latest technological innovations, and the rapid pace of mobile IT developments means that we can always recommend, supply and configure the most up-to-date technologies on demand.