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The organisation of a company’s IT infrastructure will always to some extent mirror the organisation of the company as a whole. In a similar vein, any software that the business is run upon must both reflect and enhance the actual procedures that go on ‘in the real world’. Because of this, and the fact that every company is unique and has its own individual needs, e-logic provide bespoke software solutions which can integrate seamlessly within existing business systems. These solutions are tailor-made for the requirements of your business, and their integration yields immediate returns both in productivity and efficiency, as well as providing solid grounds for future expansion.


Any bespoke software solution that e-logic provides may consist of various components e.g. server, client. Our team of developers and engineers will always ensure the smooth installation of all components, with the minimal disruption of existing business processes.


A complete software solution will often comprise several functions which reflect the individual departments of the business, and there will be no need, for example, for your sales team to have access to the payroll functions. For this reason, the software can be highly configurable and e-logic will always endeavour to provide a solution that is fully configured and ready-to-use immediately.


An efficient, dynamic and productive software package is next to useless if your team fail to utilise it effectively. E-logic make it a priority to offer comprehensive training with every solution we provide, ensuring complete integration with your business strategies.


The modular approach our developers take when building bespoke software allows for future expansion of the system, so changes to the business such as the addition of new product ranges, or modifications to departmental responsibilities, can be implemented within the software. This dynamic nature will always ensure that the software adapts to the ever-changing needs of your business.