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There will always be a need for paper documentation, and at e-logic we realise the importance of a well implemented printing system. Focussing on market leading brands such as Hewlett Packard and Epson, our team can recommend a printing solution that ensures your work-flow is not adversely affected by poorly implemented print management.


At e-logic we appreciate how the growth of multimedia capabilities has revolutionised today’s work practices. Whereas presentations used to be limited to static overhead projector slides, we are now used to preparing and viewing dynamic presentations with high visual impact, and incorporating immersive audio. Typical ‘off-the-shelf’ business spec machines rarely offer much in the way of audio functionality, but for our clients who do require this, we can recommend, supply and install a wide range of sound cards and speaker setups.


Making certain that an infrastructure has adequate data storage is essential, not only for the smooth day-to-day operation of IT systems, but also for data recovery purposes should any serious hardware issues occur. Dependent on the specific data requirements of our client, e-logic will incorporate a correct hard drive configuration, using RAID where applicable. We also supply back-up solutions in the form of DAT drives and media, so that whatever happens, you can be sure that your data integrity remains intact.


One aspect of computer hardware that is often overlooked is the variety of input devices, such as keyboards and mice, even though these are the parts that we interact with daily, as they provide the interface between man and machine. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other forms of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can result from poor workstation ergonomics, so it is vital that these devices are considered when implementing an IT solution. E-logic also recommend the use of wireless input peripherals, reducing cable clutter and creating a tidier, more efficient workstation.


The high impact visuals of multimedia presentations which are expected in business today have created a need for top quality display systems. The days where all computers were hooked up to beige 14 inch CRT monitors are well and truly behind us, and with TFT technology no longer being priced unreasonably, our clients’ workstations have the sleek and elegant look that only flat screen monitors can provide. We also supply and install projector and plasma screens, for truly superb presentation capabilities.