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e-logic can provide a variety of telecommunications services that will either directly help generate business or produce an income for your business. Each of the lines is suited for a variety of business uses depending on what information your company provides at the other end.


Least cost routing is a system that allows you to cut your phone bill by routing your call through the most competitively priced telecoms service provider at that particular moment. It not only applies to calls to other UK landlines but also mobiles and international calls. You will still receive one bill from your current telecommunications operator and there is no change to the way you make your calls – we simply reconfigure your phone system to route calls through the carrier most suited to your calling profile.


A free phone number can help attract potential client’s to contact you as they incur no charge to themselves. Research shows that a free phone number generates three times as many calls as a business without. Potential customers believe that businesses with a free phone number offer a more reliable, efficient service and they are more likely to telephone free phone numbers before normal numbers. Such a number can also help you retain your existing customers as more calls create stronger customer relations and thus loyalty and increased sales opportunities. An estimated 50% of advertisers now use a 0800 number in their adverts, so if your business wants a competitive edge, a free phone number is what you need. advantages

Local rate numbers provide a powerful way of encouraging potential clients to call your business as they only pay for a local call from wherever they are based in the UK. Customers associate 0845 numbers with large, quality companies allowing you to market in areas where you have no physical presence. A 0845 number can give you a competitive edge against other businesses in your industry, by attracting new customers from outside of your local area. advantages


National call numbers produce a national corporate image for the company as well as generating revenue for your business. Every time a call is made to your 0870 number a certain amount of revenue is generated for your business, whilst your customer pays the standard national rate charge. advantages

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The premium rate numbers industry is worth over £2billion a year in the UK alone, it enables your business to generate income by providing information or services whilst charging the caller a premium rate for access. Callers will be charged at a tariff set by you, from which you will receive a percentage. The content of the call can be either live or automated. advantages

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e-logic is also able provide a wide range of mobile telecommunication solutions that will enable your business and staff to become more mobile and thus more responsive in a world where time is of the essence.