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Every business has its own unique systems and processes, and occasionally there will be a situation where an ‘off-the-shelf’ software package will not be able to fulfil all the requirements of these systems. In these circumstances it can be tempting to install multiple software packages, with a view to ensuring that all processes are covered – however, this can result in a nightmare in configuring all these packages to work in tandem, if indeed they will integrate with each other at all. An alternative solution is a bespoke software solution, where our team of highly skilled developers create a system which is tailor-made for your requirements. Please see the section Services->Software for more details on how bespoke software can be implemented within your business strategies.


E-logic’s status as a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP) combined with our well-established links with major software vendors and distributors, allow us to supply our clients with software solutions at extremely competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a specific application, or you have a general idea of what you want from your software but are unsure which package to opt for, e-logic can recommend, supply, install and configure the right solution for your business.


A software product license grants you the legal right to run or access a software program. A license agreement governs your use of the licensed software program. Microsoft products in particular, such as Small Business Server 2000, or Office XP, may be utilised by many or all of your network machines, through the purchasing of software licenses – this eliminates the need to purchase a boxed software package for each of your client systems. Our Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (MCSP) status allows us to guarantee that your organisation’s licensing needs are fully covered, giving you complete peace of mind.


In any commercial environment, the need for efficient communication is vital. This is especially true when considering your software usage if you have teams working at several geographical locations. The greatest tool you have at your disposal in this situation is the internet, which is by far the most cost-effective way of electronically linking remote IT systems, providing data transfer is not too excessive. Bespoke software provided by e-logic can be run server-side only, allowing client access over the internet via a simple web-browser interface. Existing software solutions can be accessed remotely using VPN/Terminal Services procedures. The incorporation of the internet into your company’s complete network solution is a technique which cannot be ignored, and e-logic have the expertise to make this a reality.


Every business will utilise databases to some extent, for customer records, sales records, products, suppliers, etc. and these databases will act as repositories for all your company’s dynamic data. Specialised programmers at e-logic can incorporate technologies such as SQL, giving your databases multithreaded functionality, which allows several users access at any one time. Not only can this result in heightened efficiency within your internal systems, it is essential for the effectiveness of any extranet activity. Any e-commerce application will also require this type of database to function successfully.